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The fact that it helps people in personal finances when interesting to find out where the money goes, how much is earned and what you can expect in the rest.

And for the professionals who need to know the current financial status of the projects.
How many client has paid, and how much still needs? This will help multi-tags, they allow you to combine records under the parent tag. Cool, huh?


Creating a record, select a category and a sub, it will combine multiple records together. For example "Auto" may contain: "Gasoline", "Repair", "Accessories", and other..

Lightning speed addition

By adding just include your entry fee and click add record is automatically added without a category, we checked, it takes only 2.451 seconds!

Tags rating

During the addition of records, tags are placed in order of popularity, so you do not have to search long for the desired category.

Currency Conversion

When traveling, consider the costs in The native currency, simply convert their notes, and on arrival home, your records will be transferred back.

At the moment we are working on a section of analysts. Stay tuned for updates.

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